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Team Introductions

Jason Engmann

With our online store well underway, and our end of year clearance sale starting, I felt that it was time to introduce the team behind the curtain.

End of Year Clearance Sale Up to 70% Off Imported Materials

After moving round the world in my youth my parents moved to Indonesia in 1991 and finally decided that this was where we were going to set our roots, and we have been here ever since.

After university in the UK i decided that I too was going to set my roots back in the country that i grew up in, and my mother being principal of Jakarta Montessori School had a lot of contacts for me to send my CV to to look for a job. After some searching I got offered my first job with Floth, an MEP consultant, in the construction trade. 

Over the years my mother started helping other Montessori schools get quality Montessori materials from overseas, and over the years the orders grew and grew. And she eventually decided that she needed help as it was taking too much of her time away from the school. So after 6 years of drawing blueprints and onsite inspections I felt that it wasn't for me and decided that it was time to move on and help my mother out.

So we started the process of turning her hobby into a proper company and getting all the paperwork in order. We also felt that with the people that we knew we could start manufacturing local products to the same quality standards as the imported ones.

And here we are after all that time, with all the i's dotted and t's crossed, we have started small with the manufacturing, in order to meet the standards that we have set. To help make sure that we keep to those standards we have employed Dribelly Gunalen, who I met during the Mandarin Oriental Hotel refurbishment where she was working on the hotel's project team overseeing the final detailing.

I must admit that growing up during the rise of the internet I was always told to beware who and what you did. And it has been ingrained in me and even today I try to keep the smallest digital footprint i can. So the jump into an online store and the presence that is required to make it successful, I find both intimidating and scary. But needs must so here goes......

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