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About Us

We started out as one friend doing a favour for another. We knew an importer that was reliable and inexpensive, and a supplier that would give us good discounts if we ordered in bulk. So we went around our local schools and friends of friends and got enough orders to make it work, as well as making Montessori materials that the overseas suppliers didn't provide.

After several years of doing this our orders became more consistent, so in July 2014 we established PT. JACK Montessori Material, an Indonesian registered company.

We are still a family run enterprise, but we employ a team of skilled and like minded individuals to help us manage, produce, sell and liaise with our ever growing client base. We moved into our new office in October 2015 and have been organising and preparing for the next big change.

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We continue with our ethos of one friend helping out another and no matter what happens we would like to thank you, our dedicated friends who have stuck with us through our humble beginnings and our turbulent teething troubles.