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JACK Montessori Materials, Local, Book, Premium Quality, 1913 Lectures

JACK Montessori Materials

1913 Lectures

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Maria Montessori's First International Training Course
edited by Dr Susan Feez, Carolina Montessori, Joke Verheul with assistance from Larry Quade

The 1913 course in Rome was especially devised to provide international students to benefit from a bilingual curriculum. Whilst Montessori obviously delivered her lectures in Italian, simultaneous English translation was offered by two students: Zoe Bateman and Emily Greenman.
The lectures on this 1913 course chart Maria Montessori's development as a thinker on human development. They show the depth of her background as a doctor of medicine, anthropologist, philosopher and pedagogue-giving an enthralling insight into how she was influenced by her time, where she adopted new and traditional ideas as an inspiration and where she went "against the grain.”

The book contains an Introductory Lecture and 22 chapters consisting of 13 Theoretical Lectures and 9 Technical Lessons.

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