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JACK Montessori Materials, Local, Book, Premium Quality, 1946 Lectures

JACK Montessori Materials

1946 Lectures

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The 1946 London course was the first training course given in Europe by Maria Montessori when she and her son Mario returned from seven years of exile in India during World War II. In these 1946 London Lectures, taken down in English by one of her assistants, Maria Montessori speaks with the mature wisdom of a lifetime spent studying, not just early childhood, but human development as a whole: infancy, the elementary-school years and adolescence. The typescript of this course was to have significant pedagogical consequences, since The 1946 London Lectures became the foundation of AMI's 3-6 courses.

Includes lectures on Education as a Help to Life, Scientific Pedagogy, Education Based on Psychology, The Planes of Development, Heredity and Creation, the Psychology of the Unconscious, Education from Birth, Development of Language, in Harmony with Nature, Unlocking the Intelligence, Social Development and Adaptation, Man and Supernature, The Study of Man, Psychology of the New Born, Touch, Spontaneous Activity, the Energy of Creation, Education for Independence, The Most Important Age, Solving the Social Problem, Work and Play, Movement and Character, Hands, The Construction of the Imagination, Expansive Education, Truth and Fairytales, Abstraction, Religious Education, Moral Education, Normalization, The Converted Children, The New Teacher, A Society by Cohesion.

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